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Season 1

001 DVS Meir Ezra Facebook

S1E1 Dan Vega Show

Meir Ezra- Global Entrepreneur And Business Coach


S1E2 Dan Vega Show

Justin Tranchita-Singer, Songwriter and Actor


S1E3 Dan Vega Show

Woody Bradshaw- Nashville Recording Artist & Actor

004 DVS LaQuan Jones

S1E4 Dan Vega Show

Judith Joy- Empowerment Coach & LaQuan Jones IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

105 DVS Dr Samantha Graber

S1E5 Dan Vega Show

Dr Samantha Graber-Real Food Advocate

Avi Bastajion- Immigrant To Success, Lender


106 DVS Kevin Herrington

S1E6 Dan Vega Show

Kevin Herrington- Venture Capitalist, Shark Tank, As Seen On Tv


dv1.7 385

S1E7 Dan Vega Show

Ivan Misner- Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of BNI


dv1.8 385

S1E8 Dan Vega Show

Henry Mann- Tech innovator and car enthusiast

Season 1

sbs1.1 385

S1E1 Spanglish Business Show

Bobby Dunaway- Book Publisher & Entrepreneur

sbs1.2 385

S1E2 Spanglish Business Show

Alfie Martin- Writer, Producer, Director, Philanthropist

sbs1.3 385

S1E3 Spanglish Business Show

Ray Islas- Sales Professional

sbs1.10 385

S1E4 Spanglish Business Show

Maria Lyons- Speaker, Business Professional, Entrepreneur

sbs1.5 385

S1E5 Spanglish Business Show

Michael Mesure- Internet Marketing Specialist

sbs1.6 385

S1E6 Spanglish Business Show

Bob Kittell- International Speaker, Author, Leading Authority On Memory

sbs1.7 385

S1E7 Spanglish Business Show

Ruben Ledesma- Investor, Entrepreneur

sbs1.8 385

S1E8 Spanglish Business Show

Oswald Rivera- Author & Professional Writer

sbs1.9 385

S1E9 Spanglish Business Show

Fabian Muzik- Singer, Songwriter, Producer

sbs1.10 385

S1E10 Spanglish Business Show

Dan Vega- Investor, Business Coach, Talk Show Host, Publisher, Entrepreneur

sbs1.11 385

S1E11 Spanglish Business Show

Jay Patel- Coach, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

sbs1.10 385

S1E12 Spanglish Business Show

Reggie Toussaint- 7 Time USA/Canada Karate Champion

Season 1

001 TWD Dr.Tom Schneider

S1:E1 Tuesdays With Dan

Dr. Tom Schneider

002 TWD Amy Norris

S1:E2 Tuesdays With Dan

Real Estate Guru, Amy Norris

003 TWD Mayor Tony Kennon

S1:E3 Tuesdays With Dan

Mayor Tony Kennon

S1:E4 Tuesdays With Dan

Artist, Justin Gaffery


105 TWD Brryan Jackson

S1:E5 Tuesdays With Dan

Brryan Jackson on Forgiveness

106 TWD Melanie Angelis

S1:E6 Tuesdays With Dan

Patti Hall and Melanie Angelis

107 TWD Chase Barfield

S1:E7 Tuesdays With Dan

Chase Barfield, Funding Specialist

108 TWD James Sisco

S1:E8 Tuesdays With Dan

Professional Dancer, James Sisco


109 TWD Barbara

S1:E9 Tuesdays With Dan

Barbara Weltman Radio Host and Entrepreneur

S1E10 Tyree Burks

S1:E10 Tuesdays With Dan

Tyree Burks Ex Pro Football and Entrepreneur

Season 2

201 TWD Winston Groom

S2:E1 Tuesdays With Dan

Winston Groom Author of Forrest Gump

202 TWD Joe McDavid

S2:E2 Tuesdays With Dan

Joe McDavid Former Secret Service Agent for 3 Presidents

203 TWD Mary Riesberg Facebook

S2:E3 Tuesdays With Dan

Mary Rieseberg, Life Coach and Author

204 TWD Dana Hayes Kyle Cummings

S2:E4 Tuesdays With Dan

Dana Hayes & Kyle Cummings On Their Famed Father And ALS



205 TWD Steve Ames

S2:E5 Tuesdays With Dan

Steve Ames, Real Estate Guru and Published Author

206 TWD Dr

S2:E6 Tuesdays With Dan

Dr. Bruce Miller, Inventor Of Revolutionary Burn Cream

twd2.7 web

S2:E7 Tuesdays With Dan

Gary Stepanian- The Godfather of Tech, Inventor

twd2.8 web

S2:E8 Tuesdays With Dan

Larry Mitchell- Grammy Winning Singer Song-writer

twd2.9 web

S2:E9 Tuesdays With Dan

Linda Bamber- Founder Of BRAS A Non Profit For Women

Kristi Geiser- Author And Real Estate Guru

twd2.10 web

S2:E10 Tuesdays With Dan

Doug Graham- Sales Expert and Innovator

Season 3

S3E1 Tuesdays With Dan

Tanya Chernova And Joanna Andros- explain in their new book UnderMind how to discover the 7 subconscious beliefs that sabotage your life

S3E2 Tuesdays With Dan

Dave Clark- Author and sales expert


S3E3 Tuesdays With Dan

Eddie Money- Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Rock legend

S3E4 Tuesdays With Dan

Craig Cordes- Inc Magazine‚Äôs 30 under 30



S3E5 Tuesdays With Dan

Ismael Hernandez- Founder and executive director of the Freedom and Virtue Institute

S3E6 Tuesdays With Dan

Martie Duncan- Restaurateur and food network personality

S3E7 Tuesdays With Dan

Sam Vrinios- Discusses how he built a multimillion dollar company before the age of sixteen.

S3E8 Tuesdays With Dan

SEC Coaches- Legendary football coaches and players of the Southeastern Conference



S3E9 Tuesdays With Dan

Ray Land-  His time on BizKids and how he built a multimillion dollar luxury motor coach empire.

S3E10 Tuesdays With Dan

Rick Miller- Entrepreneur and small business expert discusses the Young Entrepreneur Academy

S3E11 Tuesdays With Dan

Herb Malone- Even the worst of disasters can have a silver lining

twd3.12 web

S3E12 Tuesdays With Dan

Patti Hall- Zoologist and TV personality successfully evacuated an entire zoo.



S3E13 Tuesdays With Dan

Vickie Powers- Singer and Broadway star still has what it takes.

Season 4