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BLU University is the premiere online school exclusively devoted to providing the highest level of education for entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

At BLU University, you receive a world-class education from truly successful entrepreneurs who have personally taught, tested, and proven business curriculum internationally. This education is now available to you with a tuition anyone can afford.

Are traditional universities the right path for entrepreneurs?

If your plan is to become a doctor, lawyer, chemical engineer, architect, or to pursue other fields that require specified knowledge, then traditional universities are probably the way to go. However, if you are looking to become a successful business owner, invent and launch a product or idea, or simply create the fastest track to success, then you should be attending a school for entrepreneurs and business leaders run by accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Times have changed

Traditional schooling does not offer the security it once provided, especially for entrepreneurs. For the past thirty to forty years, the prevailing advice was to seek out higher education in  college and earn a degree, or to seek out a trade school to learn a trade, in order to acquire a good job. Today, in addition to putting students in overwhelming debt, the average graduate only has a 50% chance of landing a job within their field of study. Because of the instability of national and international economies, there is a high probability of being laid off before retirement. While tradition education still provides invaluable education for specialized fields, it is not of the same value to entrepreneurs, which can prove to be extremely counterproductive.

Here, at BLU University, our goal is to develop strong entrepreneurs and business leaders regardless of their previous level of education and experience. Our courses include everything from business, economics, sales, marketing, management, funding, human behavior, communication, national and international negotiating, effective hiring and recruiting, team building, alliance building, money management, and all things entrepreneurship.

The Right Education at the Right Time

To be successful in business, you have to get the right education. You then need to combine this education with speed and the skills to adapt to the fast-paced, diverse business climate that is present today. At BLU University, our instructors provide this education and teach you how to maximize your productivity while remaining adaptable and responsive, especially when you run in to adversity. These advantages set BLU University above the rest and truly make BLU the new color of success!